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If I am giddy enough about something new I have discovered I always share it with you guys, and right now I have THREE new products I am over the moon about. Grab a pencil and paper and get ready to take some notes! 
The first life-changer is OXO baby spoons. We all know how much I love the Beaba spoons which I raved about here and here on my top 10 baby items posts, and I am afraid I have to say these OXO spoons have knocked them out of the top spot on my list. Don’t get me wrong, everything Beaba is still exceptional – including the spoons – but these OXO ones are angled perfectly for feeding which gives them a slight edge over the Beaba design, which is more straight. I have bought two packs of OXO’s from and found a pink set earlier this week, and I just adore everything about them. 
In fact, as a side note, I am a teeny bit OXO obsessed right now in general. We have been using their toddler spoon and fork set for Squish for months {starting out with the Beaba toddler set was great though} and they are perfect as well, and their plate THEIR PLATE is amazing! Totally a why didn’t I think of that moment! See below. Often toddlers have difficulty getting the food onto the spoon or fork, and since they insist on feeding themselves pretty much from month 18 onwards, the design of the plate makes this much easier and less frustrating on everyone. I will do a Heartsies for OXO post at some point 🙂
Images courtesy of OXO
Life-changer number two are Emi-Jay hair ties. LOVE these!! Sometimes I love my hair, and sometimes I hate it; the majority of the time the hate comes when my hair creases as the sight of a rubber band. I do not lie. I can put it in the loosest ponytail known to man and it is zigzagged to the moon and back. During the photo shoot for my 2012 look book, the hair and makeup gals introduced me to Emi-Jay ties. I was an instant skeptic given my hair creasing history, but they insisted creases were a thing of the past with these puppies…and they were right! About half the time my hair is still straight after being up in one of these, and the other half the crease, if you can even call it that, is a nice wave that looks intentional {especially if you tuck the end of your pony under and wrap the hair up in a bun}. Everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Hilary Duff has been seen sporting some. Invest. The best part about these is that they were created by two LA teens that donate 20% of their profits to Locks of Love. Amazing. Oh, and did I mention there is a new neon pack?? Enough said.
Image courtesy of Emi-Jay
Life-changer tres: Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Eye Palette in Bronze. You guys. Buy this. BEST set of browns, tans, golds and neutrals I have EVER seen. I am typically a Super Target makeup gal, but one of my favorite eye shadows that I have been using for years is a four color Chanel palette. Four browns, light to dark, all great. I decided to do a little searching after it ran out last week and scoped out multiple counters at Neimans, and this Bobbi Brown beauty caught my attention. I had actually seen it in one of my Barney’s newsletters and it looked great then, but in person – yowza. I. Am. Obsessed. A Sand palette option is also available if the Bronze set is not ideal for your coloring. I actually disagree with Bobbi’s website in the product description of the Bronze set, as it says for medium to darker skin tones. I am pretty fair skinned the majority of the year, and every color is perfection. I DO agree with the bit of the description that says you can go from soft to smoky in no time flat. 
Image courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
To sum up: It will be a loooong time before I use any other eye shadow my friends! This one has officially stolen my heart. I will absolutely not recommend pricey makeup unless I believe in it 110% – the set of 8 shadows will run you a cool $60 – but I fully believe that this one is worth every cent. The colors are even more beautiful and rich in person and, more importantly, the pigment stays put! You likey?

Happy Saturday!

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Dream Designer :: Massucco Warner Miller

Images courtesy of Massucco Warner Miller
I have finally gotten around to creating a Pinterest account – don’t get too excited, I only have roughly 2% of my saved pictures pinned so far…I’ll get there – and I realized that I have not recorded most of the names of the interior designers that did rooms I have compiled. So very unfortunate, as I am left with one room rather than being able to reference their entire portfolio. You can understand why I was therefore so thrilled to come across the design team that not only did one of my all time favorite rooms {the boy’s bedroom I just posted last week as one of the primary inspiration photos for Squish’s big boy room}, but that was also responsible for designing several of my favorite rooms: Massucco Warner Miller
The design team over at MWM integrates bright color with all sorts of patterns to create warm, inviting spaces that can be modern and traditional at the same time. I love that they tend to use nearly opposite colors on the color wheel often to really make the pigments pop. {And I also love that they remind me of Charlie’s Angels}

Breakfast seating areas with a bench are my all time favorites!! Can’t wait to do this in a home someday. 

My favorite part of this room is actually the built in desk area. So chic and functional, and I’d think it would give the child their own little study world. Very A+ inducing if you ask me 😉

Covering what could be unsightly doors with fabric or wallpaper = genius, and I love the gusset on the side of the skirt.
This iconic Scalamandre Zebras wallpaper is one of my all time faves and has been used throughout the design world to such an extent I could do an entire post focusing solely on this wallpaper. It is a huge hit, and you can see why! In fact, Kate Spade used it in her bathroom and reportedly adored the pattern so much, she designed a zebra bag after it. The similarity between the paper and the bag is undeniable, and she clearly knows a great design when she sees it!

I don’t know about you but that’s the best looking shower curtain I have ever seen.
Now this is an office I could do a lot of work in! Bright colors, plenty of space for computers, sketches, fabric samples, baby monitors and room beneath my feet for two dogs. Check check! I need to add that to my project list. Re-do office. I cringe at the thought of how much work that would require. Maybe I’ll tackle that… next year. 
So what do you think of MWM? Love? Like? Not your cup of tea? Then you need a new cup of tea 😉
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How I Wore It :: Hot Pink Vest

As much as I love clothes, style and fashion design, I guess you could say it is surprising that I do not shop a lot. I NEVER just “go shopping.” My wardrobe has developed over years and years of finding things here and there at random stores across the globe, so when I am out and about in daily life and see something that I want to buy right at that moment, I am almost taken aback. When I try it on and I still like it, I know it’s a keeper! Case and point with this hot pink embroidered vest I just came across while pulling clothes for the fall fashion shoot for Fort Worth Magazine. It caught my eye and I knew it had to be mine. Finding out it was on sale was the icing on the cake! It is so soft it is gooey and I want to wear it 25 hours a day. So happy to have added it to my wardrobe! Even better that the designer is straight out of LA. Love that. I have a sneaking suspicion this is going to quickly become a new favorite go-to piece. 
Vest – JW Los Angeles :: Tee – Elie Tahari :: Tank – :: Jeans – Elizabeth & James :: Wedges – Tory Burch :: Sunglasses – Prada :: Bracelet – Noir Jewelry :: Favorite necklace
Surprise surprise I forgot to bring a brush.

What a view. 

p.ssssss. My Resort 2012 lookbook is going to be ready SOON. Get excited! Ikat went bananas all over it. 
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Hello Pencil Bench!

I was searching for chests for Squish and came across this pencil bench. I do not care that it is impractical and the silliest thing I have ever seen. I do not care that is is over $5000. I do not care that it would give my children lead poisoning. {Ok I kind of care about that one} I need this in my life!
Please visit to donate funds thanks.

Have a great weekend!!

OH! I also meant to share this with you ions ago!! This is one of the shots Sommer Photography did for us during her Color Collection portrait event. I blogged about it here. Isn’t it just fab?! A 22 month old and a 4 month old and two smiles at the same time and a happy mommy and daddy…and there are LOADS of other great pics, all in less than an hour! I am telling you that girl is a miracle worker. Visit her website here
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Big Boy Room!

I need some advice stat!

Here’s the deal. I am starting to kind of think about switching Big Squish and Miss Munchkin’s rooms around. The nursery is huge and babies don’t need all that space, and it would be great for Squish to have it instead for his 10,001 Hot Wheels. If I do this, I will cover the yellow striped nursery ceiling of course and go ahead and get a big boy bed for Squish. I really want him to have a full size bed also, not twins. The first picture and two photos below are my primary inspiration photos. 
Here is what he currently has:
{1} Navy and white striped curtains. The fabric is a great Ralph Lauren – 8″ thick horizontal stripes – exactly like the stripes in the top photo. Love. I want him to have these through high school and when he is home for college. Same goes for the headboard. I do things once, great quality, so they last and last. 
{2} He also has the orange and white zebra rug from Jonathan Adler as shown in the photo below…
{3} …As well as a HUGE arm chair and ottoman I want to recover as it is perfect for reading in every night. Literally all four of us fit in it!!! 
{4} We also have a very dark brown leather ottoman I could put at the foot of the bed that I think could look nice since the room has the space for it, and it would be a great way for him to climb into the bed before he can easily get in by himself. 
{5} The nightstands on either side of his crib right now are like literally out of an old western movie. Seriously. They are old old wood, like you would find out in an old barn on a ranch, but they are pretty cool. So I am open to keeping these OR buying two new chests of drawers for him as night stands. There is not a closet in the room so this might be the most sensible idea. 

So given that info and these photos, I mean there is obviously a big theme with the color palette I like – here are my questions: should I just paint the ceiling dark blue? Or should I do the entire room dark/navy blue…or is that too dark for a toddler? What headboard do I get? I would like it upholstered, most likely with nailhead trim. Maybe I just need to go find fabric first and play around. I like the brown velvet and it would go with everything, and I could use it in a future guest room. But too boring? Would I get sick of orange? Would an orange headboard be too much with the zebra rug? Should I find a patterned fabric that would hide dirt from muddy boy head and hands rubbing against it? Or patterned fabric for the chair and ottoman? 
I am loving these Jennifer Delonge storage units:
They come in tons of great colors {including orange, navy, white, wood….}
The nesting storage is great, too. One side of the top is wood and the other is chalk! Rock on. 
See here on her site.
{prepare to stay for at least an hour. everything she does is amazetastic.}
NOTE: I DO NOT. LIKE. TRENDY. And I am worried adding in bits of lime green is too trendy for me in the long run! I want to do the “big” pieces, namely the headboard, and potentially those chests of drawers, so they will last for 20+ years, but I will get things like the storage to accommodate his age and make the room work for him. But where do I start?! Tell me what to do about the ceiling, and then let me know what to do on the headboard…and then we can talk about the fabric for the chair, and pillows, and where I can find some awesome chests of drawers because I have painting out of my system until 2014. Sources! Give me sources! I feel like I have exhausted my source file on my computer and can’t come up with anything that seems right. No Jonathan Adler type chests of drawers por favor.

Oh and I also like the idea of some big, patterned pillows…

The problem is that I like soooooo many styles of design. As with fashion and how I dress, sometimes I am feminine and girly, sometimes I am bold, sometimes I am rock n roll, sometimes I am modern and minimalist, sometimes I am hippie. Oh geez. 

TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Want the room dimensions? 😉

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5 Minutes

If I had five minutes to myself this week, to go anywhere in the world I would want to go, I would choose this garden. It would be a perfect 72 degrees with just the right balance of sunshine and wind. I would be drinking an Arnold Palmer with a silver straw. I would be wearing the softest, most comfortable feather-weight dress in existence. I would have my feet up on a pillow, with another few pillows behind my neck and back, all of different shapes, sizes and softness. I would be eating an endless bowl of crisp, chilly purple grapes…maybe with some raspberries thrown in. And I would be reading the new issue of Vogue. Since this is MY five minutes, I think I might also be reading an article about myself and my line in the issue :)))
Now that would be a great five minutes. 
Where would you go?

p.s. I posted a little Resort 2012 sneak peek over there on the right hand side! It is difficult to tell as that picture is tiny, but there is gorgeous silver embroidery along the neckline and hem. Oh it is absolutely stunning! Can’t WAIT to show you more…
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How I Wore It :: Post-Wedding Brunch

One of my very favorite dresses EVER is the one I wore to our post-wedding brunch. We got married in Santa Barbara and organized a little brunch together with our guests on Sunday morning following our ceremony before Biz and I departed for our honeymoon. It was absolutely wonderful and we really enjoyed being able to say proper goodbyes to everyone and thank them for coming, rather than having to do a quick wave as we ran through a shower of rice! Every time I look at it’s blue and white stripes not only am I reminded of our wedding, but images of lovely picnics I dream of having are also conjured up in my head… sitting beneath a big oak tree with nothing to do but watch my children laugh. Whenever that happens I assure you, I will be wearing this dress! Oh and p.s… has POCKETS. 
Dress – Ralph Lauren :: Earrings – ?? All I remember is that they were $2 :: Necklace – Bali street market :: Sandals – Ralph Lauren :: Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples
Same sandals I wore to the brunch as well. They just work perfectly with this dress!
Above are some snapshots of me wearing it at the brunch and right after we arrived at our honeymoon destination! Little story to go along with me pretending to be in the circus and riding that seal {which is right in front of the lobby entrance…at the Four Seasons…} I kid you not, right as that photo was being taken by my very lucky new husband with the super grown-up wife, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden strolled by with their new little baby girl Harlow and I could tell on their faces they decided in that exact moment I was officially the coolest person they had ever seen. Nic was all woah I want to ride a seal and I was all psh don’t even bother you don’t have the moves.
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