Most Wanted :: Pal + Smith

Eclectic Modern bedroom via Pal + Smith
New obsession: Pal + Smith interior design. I saw the beautiful pink sofa below while browsing through a magazine the other day and it immediately caught my attention. The store credit went to

Intrigued, I made a mental note to head to their site next time I had a spare moment {which I knew in all likelihood would be August of 2017}. I ended up checking it out this morning though and was instantly smitten! My favorite room – the first image up there – is one from the header entitled “Eclectic Modern.” Don’t you absolutely LOVE the way that great shade of aqua is incorporated – HELLO awesomely cool and huge lamps – along with pops of chartreuse and hot pink in those flowers?! And don’t even get me started on those leopard pillows on the bed. Or the bold graphic rug. Ah-mazing!

Idea: swing by for a quick brunch and dip in the pool, then we can have girl talk for the rest of the afternoon – me in that fabulous lime chair, you painting your tootsies on the phenom carpet, and I’ll make extremely important calls to the spa on the candy colored old-fashioned rotary phone to my heart’s content while we watch Johnny Depp’s newest flick. Deal? It’s a date!

There are several other categories within their portfolio such as Sophisticated Bachelor, Santa Barbara Style, and Coastal Chic. Definitely worth a look!

xoxo Sheridan

p.s. Thanks to my sweet friend BLC for her lovely post on me today on her blog, The Company She Keeps! Click here to see how she styled my Neve Dress in Sugared Sunset. You make it look good girlfriend! Woo woo!

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2 Responses to Most Wanted :: Pal + Smith

  1. Everything about that room screams color beauty!! LOVE the teal floor lamps, the large, colorful geometric rug, the exposed beams and of course that SOFA!!

  2. Andrika King says:

    Love the Kitchen in that grouping! Thanks for sharing a great inspirational find!

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