Bright Stripes!

Oh stripes, how I love thee. Particularly when you are in the form of bright colors! This combo seems to be popping up everywhere in my life these days and I am one happy camper because of it.
First, this muy fabuloso pouchette by Clare Vivier was brought to my attention. Um, hello, to die for much?? The answer is heck yes. I’ll take the pink one for my birthday, the blue one for an anniversary pressie and the green one under the tree for Christmas.
Second, I was updating my wish-list on Net-A-Porter a few nights ago. Whenever I need a break from work or kids, I head over there and dream of all of the things I am dying to have in my closet. Is it a problem that – and I am being serious here – when I search in the little box, the first three terms I type in are “neon,” “sequins,” and “metallic?” For reals I did that…and then wondered if I needed some sort of clothing counseling. Perhaps I am on to something though as I came across this simple yet fabulous t-shirt by Splendid:
I would pair it with short white jean shorts and these, which I haven’t been able to stop thinking about for the past 94 hours straight. I mean these just scream my name don’t they?! Agree or we aren’t friends anymore.
Then, I came across what I have firmly decided are the most amazing children’s pajamas ever. EVER. {You know it’s for real when something is in all capital letters}. EscapeeJays were created with the philosophy of “what happens in a diaper should stay in a diaper” in mind. Ha! Oh the golden moment of first discovering that your toddler can take off their own diaper when it is full of chocolate and scatter chocolate all around the living room, in the carpet and on the white sofa that obviously goes perfectly with chocolate and was just calling out desperately for chocolate streaks. Especially if it was actually a chocolate milkshake diaper because those are my favorite and the best. So these pajamas prevent that from ever happening as the zipper is in the back – genius! They are the softest cotton EVER {all caps again means pay attention!} and I personally love that they are footless to allow ample room for growing legs. I have had to cut out the feet of all of Big Squish’s pajamas because he is too tall for them. Not a problem with these pj’s! They also come in bright striped colors AND the company was started right here in my hometown of Fort Worth, which makes all of this even better. Check out their website for loads of great color combos. I can’t wait until Munchkin can fit into some! Squish literally doesn’t even want to take them off and we spend half of the day playing in them… {oh and those Native Kids shoes he is wearing are nothing short of awesome. I have bought him two pairs and they are all we will need for summer! Invest!!!}
Last but not least, I want to throw all of my new brightly striped goodies in this fab duffle from J.Crew. Heartsies.
Everyone have a great weekend!
xoxo Sheridan
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6 Responses to Bright Stripes!

  1. I posted about that clutch this week too! I absolutely adore it.

  2. adorable pj's on a precious boy!
    i am getting addicted to neon touches too!

  3. Posts like that make me have even more respect for mommies 🙂 I love the clutch, too! There is a vendor in Dallas who sells hundreds of vintage clutches and I saw a similar one in her stash last month, but with a neon yellow stripe. The 90s are back!

  4. Andrika King says:

    I need the pink one!

  5. BLC :o says:

    Such cute stripes — especially Munchkin!!! I adore the clutch. Great finds. Xoxo-BLC

  6. Kelly Krugh says:

    Ok, this is a weird question, I know, but I love your headboard. It's nearly exactly what I want!!! Would you mind telling me where you found it?

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